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Autumn Newsletter – October 2018

Note from the Chairman, Executive Committee

Dear Owners,

The Autumn rains have arrived in the Algarve, the cooler weather is approaching; it will soon be time for the log fires. It was a very busy July and August at the QDM pool, with almost as many inflatables as people. Hoping that you all had a good summer, this Newsletter again provides a number of updates and additional information.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2018 AGM was held on 21st June at the Spike Restaurant, with an excellent turnout (68%) of attendees and proxies. The meeting noted the reports from the Executive Committee and the Fiscal Board, and unanimously approved the Fiscal Board report which addressed the small increase in the C&U charges (to reflect inflation) and the OA accounts. The AGM also covered a number of infrastructure updates, some of which are addressed in this Newsletter.

The Summary Record of the 2018 AGM is available on the OA web site at

QDM Gardens – Wild Boar

In the last month, many of the gardens (both communal and private) have been visited by the wild boar and their hungry families – they really enjoy the irrigated lawns. Your garden companies will probably repair the gardens after a few weeks, otherwise the wild boar will only return to dig it up again just in case they missed anything.

On the subject of gardens, it was noted at the AGM that a small number of private gardens were not as well maintained as they should be (referencing the Garden Maintenance requirements under the Community Services Agreement). This can impact upon the overall extremely good appearance of QDM, and GSA and a number of specialist gardening companies can offer a very good and reasonably priced service.

QDM Swimming Pool

The pool heating will be switched off at the end of the school half term with the sunbeds and parasols being put away later, for their winter rest. At the AGM, it was noted that we will continue to look at solar options for the pool bearing in mind the age of the heat exchangers and circulation pumps.

QDM Sewerage System

We will shortly be sending out information with respect to the costs of replacing the concrete covers over the communal sewerage system; this will simplify GSA’s task when they carry out their annual maintenance of the communal system and when Dr. Drain / Drain Doctor are invited to unblock the system due to roots or inappropriate items being flushed down the toilets.

GSA Updates

Sale of GSA – the sale of GSA continues to await a number of legalities to be completed before the next advertisement is placed in the national and international press. The expectation is still that the Judicial Administrator will insist on the retention of the staff and the property management functions.

Vicentino’s Trattoria – with the closure in the evenings of the Blue Lagoon at the main pool at the Parque, staffing is now available and Vicentino’s has reopened at the beginning of October.

Quarterly Standards – we are continuing to monitor the standards at QDM and, in general, be satisfied with GSA’s support of our infrastructure. We would, however, welcome your comments about the condition of QDM and any comments / suggestions from your guests or tenants.

Elliot, Fryer & McFadden (EF&F)

Dissolution and Liquidation, and Settlement – we are currently addressing this issue with our solicitor, Célia Ramos, as it will eventually involve the sale of EF&F assets – these include QDM’s communal pool and surrounding areas. There is also an impact at Quinta da Aldeia (QDA) and we will be working together with their Chairman. We will keep Owners up-to-date with any developments.


Please feel free to use the Comment section below this Newsletter. We would welcome your comments.

Best regards,

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

October 2018

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