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Christmas Newsletter – December 2017

Note from the Chairman, Executive Committee

Dear Owners,

Following a very busy summer at QDM and a very warm October, we are now into cool evenings and, fortunately for Portugal, some much-needed rain. For this Newsletter we have a few updates for you.

Community & Urbanisation (C&U) Charges – 2018

We are approaching the time for Budget discussions with GSA. We are receiving more accurate “actuals” relating to all of the cost elements of maintaining QDM’s communal gardens and infrastructure. At this time it is not possible to predict the outcome vis-à-vis any changes to C&U charges but we will endeavour to achieve a favourable result for our owners.

Reserve Fund and Owners Association Subscriptions – 2017

A quick reminder to those of you who have not yet paid your Reserve Fund (€100 per house) for 2017, and your OA Subscriptions (€20 per house). Our Treasurer will be finalising the 2017 QDM accounts in preparation for the 2018 AGM, and 2017 contributions should be paid in before the end of 2017 please.

GSA Updates

Sale of GSA – the sale of GSA is now authorised to proceed and is being advertised in both the local and national press.

The Judicial Administrator is still placing conditions of sale that should result in the retention of the staff, and the services to be provided. We await the outcome with interest. We do have the fallback position of, if necessary, seeking an alternative management company that can provide equivalent services to those of GSA.

GSA have continued to do a good job this year with respect to maintaining our communal gardens and infrastructure, and we will look to ensure a maintenance of those standards in 2018.

“The QDM Barking Dog”

You will recall from our Bulletin in September that the big brown friendly female dog at QDM was rescued, vaccinated and taken to the local dog and donkey shelter. Many of you will now be interested to know that the dog now has a new home and has been adopted by a family in Almadena.

Bombeiros – at the AGM earlier this year, it was proposed that the Committee have a dinner to reflect the work done on behalf of the Owners. The Committee, however, has agreed that it would be better to make a donation, and has donated €300 to the local fire station at Vila do Bispo. The Bombeiros there are all volunteers and are always in need of support – both financial and material.

Security at Christmas

Below is a link to a very good, recent article in the Portugal Resident, written by David Thomas of Safe Communities Algarve. This has a very well presented menu of Starter, Main Course and Desserts – an excellent set of good advice.

Finally, on behalf of the Committee, best wishes to you and your families for Christmas, and look forward to a happy, safe and healthy New Year.

Best regards

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

December 2017

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