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Christmas Newsletter – December 2020

Note from the Chairman, Executive Committee

Dear Owners,

This Newsletter provides information on a number of items and important information about post-Brexit fiscal representation for UK nationals not holding Portuguese residency.

Fiscal Representation

We recently sought advice from our OA solicitor on post-Brexit fiscal representation for UK nationals not holding official Portuguese residency.

Fiscal representation is needed for all citizens residing in all countries outside of the EU, which is, from 1 January 2021, the case of the UK.

If you have residency permits (an EU Registration Certificate issued by the Camara (the first 5 years) or an EU Permanent Residence Certificate issued by SEF (10 years thereafter)) and have the Portuguese address registered at the tax office (Finanças) you do not need fiscal representation. This is mandatory only for non-residents.


GSA continues to struggle financially in these extremely difficult times for tourism in the Algarve. With the new Judicial Administrator, Dr. Jorge Calvete, now in control there is going to be a new Resort Director appointed to oversee the management of GSA and presumably there will also be a new accountant.

We will be following developments closely, noting that we have a contingency plan in the event of the failure of GSA to provide services.

2021 QDM Budget – Community & Urbanisation (C&U) Charges

At the beginning of 2021 we will commence our discussions with GSA with respect to the 2021 Community & Urbanisation (C&U) charges for the villas and townhouses. At the moment, the only likely increase will again be to reflect the very low rate of annual inflation in Portugal.

Pending the agreement to the 2021 QDM Budget, owners should continue to pay the existing C&U charges when requested by GSA, including paying GSA the December C&U charges over the festive season. Cash flow is crucial for ensuring that the staff get paid.

Our aim will continue to be to ensure that the standards are maintained at QDM with minimal impact on increases to the charges for the owners.

C&U Payments & Credit Control – the main point of contact in GSA continues to be Jorge Ricardo at

2021 – Reserve Fund & OA Subscriptions

The Reserve Fund and OA Subscriptions are planned to remain the same for 2021 (€100 per house for the Reserve Fund, and €20 per house for the OA subscription), and will continue to be collected by GSA in conjunction with the collection of the C&U charges.

GSA will continue to provide periodic (quarterly) payments to the OA of the money collected.

If owners do not wish to be members of the OA they will need to advise GSA and an adjustment would be made.

The Reserve Fund continues to be important to QDM as it funds the replacement of significant items of our vital communal infrastructure, the domestic water system and the pool infrastructure. The OA subscriptions cover, inter alia, our necessary legal- and accountant-related costs.

2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2020 AGM was held on 12th November with 71% of the membership represented through attendance or proxies. In summary, the AGM approved the Fiscal Board Report including the OA accounts, addressed the status of the QDM infrastructure, a future review of the infrastructure-related equipment, and the management of QDM vis-à-vis a Contingency Plan and the Community Services Agreement (CSA).

Full details of the AGM can be found in the Summary Record of the meeting on the OA web site.

Please feel free to provide any comments to the Committee members; we do welcome your comments.

Finally, on behalf of the Committee, our best wishes to you and your families for Christmas, and look forward to a safe and healthy New Year.


Best regards

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

December 2020

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