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Easter Newsletter – April 2020

Note from the Chairman, Executive Committee

Dear Owners,

This Newsletter provides a brief update relating to the agreement of the QDM 2020 Budget with Golfe Santo António (GSA), and the impact of COVID-19 at QDM.

2020 Budget

Bulletin 01/2020, following agreement of the 2020 QDM Budget with Golfe Santo Antonio, indicated a small increase on the C&U charges to reflect the very low rate of annual inflation in Portugal (less than 1%).

With our agreement at the 2018 Annual General Meeting, the monthly requests from GSA now also include an additional € 10 per house per month to cover the Reserve Fund (€ 100) and the Owners Association subscription (€ 20). Appropriate adjustments are made for fractional properties and for those owners who do not wish to be members of the OA.


As everywhere else, COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our lives. For the Easter period, as part of the “State of Emergency” in Portugal, movement is extremely limited, and only to our local concelho (i.e., the Vila do Bispo area).

At QDM, we have closed the swimming pools until further notice in order to abide by the “State of Emergency” requirement to reduce contact between people as much as possible.

GSA (maintenance and housekeeping) are able to continue to access the area in order to carry out the necessary preventive maintenance and cleaning requirements.

GSA are also continuing to maintain the communal gardens and our domestic water and irrigation infrastructures.

GSA have also sent out COVID-19 update e-mails to Owners reflecting the closure of all facilities (the golf course, spa, pool and restaurants) and the reduction of Reception opening hours to 08:00 to 20:00.

All of our official meetings with GSA are on hold although we continue to have informal contact with Community Services on any specific QDM subject. Plans for the 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Owners Association are also on hold pending the outcome of the current crisis.

C&U Payments & Community Services – the main point of contact in GSA continues to be Jorge Ricardo at

Finally, on behalf of the Committee, let me wish you all a safe and healthy Easter.

Best regards

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

April 2020

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