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Easter Newsletter – April 2021

Note from the Chairman, Executive Committee

Dear Owners,
This Newsletter provides a brief update relating to the agreement of the QDM 2021 Community & Urbanisation (C&U) charges with Golfe Santo António (GSA), and the introduction of Amazing Evolution to oversee the resort and financial management of GSA.

Amazing Evolution

Amazing Evolution (AE) is a resort management company appointed by the Judicial Administrator to oversee the resort management and, especially at the moment, the financial management of GSA, taking over the responsibilities of the former accountant, Dra. Alexandra Carapinha. They are working closely with both Eduardo Martins and Jorge Ricardo.

Their web site explains their capabilities ( AE is not in the frame with respect to any future purchase of GSA – the sale of GSA is still an ongoing issue.

From the financial perspective, they are now making (on behalf of the Judicial Administrator) the financial decisions.

QDM, as with all the other elements at the Parque, is important to the current cash flow of GSA with the large majority of Owners paying their C&U charges on time, and it is important that you continue to do so.

Your Committee is closely monitoring the situation and will keep you updated.

2021 Community & Urbanisation (C&U) Charges

Amazing Evolution (AE) have approved the new C&U charges for 2021. We are awaiting the formal approval of the 2021 QDM Budget that forms the basis for those charges.

The new charges reflect a € 2 a month reduction for all Villas and Townhouses, this arising from a re-assessment of the IVA applicability to a GSA Margin element of the Budget. You will have already seen the new charges in the latest request from Jorge Ricardo for the March C&U payments.

The monthly requests from GSA in 2021 will continue to include an additional € 10 per house per month to cover the Reserve Fund (€ 100 per annum) and the Owners Association subscription (€ 20 per annum).

Appropriate adjustments are being made for fractional properties and for those owners who
do not wish to be members of the OA.


The “State of Emergency” continues in Portugal (renewed every 2 weeks). Movement is currently limited to our local concelho (i.e., the Vila do Bispo area) until April 5th. As in other nations, there are plans to re-open the economy in several steps – but always being reassessed based on the latest epidemiological scenario.

The latest information on the COVID-19 situation in Portugal and specifically the Algarve can be accessed at the Safe Communities Portugal web site.

At QDM, we will follow the “State of Emergency” requirements as they are appropriate to, for example, the pool. The golf course is expected to re-open on April 5th, with appropriate restrictions.

Although our official face-to-face meetings with GSA management continue to be on hold, we continue to maintain regular contact with Community Services on any specific QDM subject. We are also in contact with Amazing Evolution.

C&U Payments & Community Services – the main point of contact in GSA continues to be Jorge Ricardo at or

Finally, on behalf of the Committee, let me wish you all a safe and healthy Easter.

Best regards

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

April 2021

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