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February 2016 Newsletter

Note from the Chairmen, General Assembly and Executive Committee

Dear Owners,

Firstly, a Happy and Healthy New Year to our members.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 22nd March, 2016

This year’s AGM will be held on 22nd March, commencing at 10.30 a.m., at the Spike Bar, Parque da Floresta – with finger buffet. We will publish the Agenda at the beginning of March. This AGM will address the need for election of the committee. Under the Articles of Association, the current committee members will stand down after three years, and a new committee elected or re-elected. Details of the Committee structure can be found at this link

We are now seeking nominations and encourage all owners to offer themselves as committee members.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  “The General Meeting is constituted by all its members in the full exercise of their rights, provided they have their annual membership subscriptions duly paid” (QDMOA Articles of Association)

For the sake of the Association, please ensure that you pay your 2016 OA subscriptions as soon as possible, particularly if you plan to attend the AGM or intend to provide a proxy vote. This is important as the AGM will include election of a new Committee and approval of the Fiscal Board Report.”

Finally, if Owners wish to identify any specific additional items for inclusion on the Agenda, please contact Martyn Uttley (Chairman of the General Assembly) at “” or David Murphy at “”. Alternatively please provide an input in the Comment Section below this Newsletter.

QDM Budget – 2016

We have concluded our discussions with the GSA Management and Accountant with respect to the 2016 QDM Budget and confirm that the Community & Urbanisation (C&U) charges for the 2- and 3-bedroomed townhouses will be unchanged from 2015 – €1416 for the 2-bedroomed and €2016 for the 3-bedroomed.

The C&U charges for the Villas will be amended to reflect the Community Services Agreement (CSA) which excludes them from contributing to the Pool, Housekeeping and Gardens Maintenance costs.

All costs during 2016 will be monitored closely within GSA and will be available to the OA at our quarterly meetings.

Community & Urbanisation (C&U) Payments

As in 2015, C&U payments may be made monthly in arrears or quarterly in the second month of the quarter. In addition, Owners may make individual arrangements with the GSA C&U Supervisor, Patricia Vieira (

Reserve Fund and OA Subscriptions

Our Treasurer (David Curtis) has recently sent out e-mails requesting your OA subscriptions and Reserve Fund contributions. Your annual subscription to the QDM Owners Association is €20 per house (€5 per quarter share) and the Reserve Fund is €100 per house (€25 per quarter share).

Please see the IMPORTANT NOTE under the AGM announcement above.

To ensure that we as the QDM Owners Association comply fully with the tax legislation in Portugal we must from January 2016 issue invoices as a receipt for the payment of your Owners Association annual subscription.

In order to do this we will require the following information –

– Confirmation of the e-mail address(es) of the Owner(s)

– Owner(s) Name(s) / Company Name.

– Fiscal Number(s)

– Owner(s) Address(es) – these should be the address(es) known by Finanças – maybe the QDM address or the Fiscal representative’s address (especially of an offshore company) or the UK address.

If you have already paid your OA Subs and Reserve Fund please e-mail with the above details. If you are yet to pay please ensure that these details are provided at the time of payment.

With your permission we would like to hold these details for use in future years.

The invoice will include both the OA Subscriptions and Reserve Fund payment.

Court Actions – Non-payers

The process through the Portuguese judicial system continues to be lengthy; however, a number of the actions will take place in February in Lagos Court.

QDM Repairs and Infrastructure Update

Speed bumps – within the next few weeks the speed bumps will be painted – the first and last rows of stones in white and the top row in yellow.

Wooden railings to the pool – also, the existing wooden railings will be repaired and re-painted, and new railings will be installed either side of the steps down to the pool – both sides of the gate.

Domestic water pump 3 – this will be repaired within the next few weeks with the replacement of a complete electronic module, together with a number of modifications and checks to ensure the pumps’ continued efficient running.

Pine moth caterpillar – this year the pine moth caterpillar is early; GSA will be treating all of the pine trees to ensure that they do not cause a problem at the Parque (including QDM).

GSA Updates

GSA staff have been fully paid for 2015 (including bonuses). For QDM, they continue to do a good job for the pool and communal gardens.

Sale of GSA – the sale awaits the conclusion of the legalities with respect to the golf course – concerning notarisation and registration processes.

Credit control – Magda Mendes has left GSA to take up a new job elsewhere and a replacement is in place (Jorge Ricardo); the e-mail address will continue –

Please feel free to use the Comment section below this Newsletter. We welcome your comments.

We will keep you advised of Motions and the Agenda for the forthcoming AGM.

Best regards

Martyn Uttley,
Chairman, General Assembly

David Murphy
Chairman,  Executive Committee

1 February, 2016

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