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November 2015 Newsletter

Note from the Chairman

Dear Owners,

Since our last Newsletter in June, it has been a busy summer at QDM and at the Parque generally. The golf course has been busy and many of the local restaurants have had a very good season with an increased numbers of visitors.

For the GSA staff, their wages are up-to-date (including this year’s holiday bonus) and they are continuing to maintain the communal areas of QDM to a good standard.

Your continued up-to-date payment of the Community & Urbanisation (C&U) charges and relevant GSA maintenance (e.g., gardens and property management) fees will help to maintain this situation over the quieter winter season.

Non-Payers – Court Action

Following a number of perennial non-payers and owners with a significant debt being served with Court injunctions by Olhão Court (including 4 owners from Quinta do Montinho), a number of Court dates have been established. This is a gradual process with the Portuguese judicial system, and we await the outcomes with interest.

GSA “Liquidation” Process

In August, the Judicial Administrator received the Court’s agreement to proceed with the sale of the company, noting that the total amount owed to the Creditors was 11.5 million Euros.

It is expected that the conditions for the sale will include that GSA continues as a Service Provider and retains the workers. At this time, we are not aware of any offers for the company.

Reserve Fund and OA Subscriptions 2015

A small number of Owners have still not yet paid their Reserve Fund and OA subscriptions for 2015.

The Reserve Fund is very important to QDM as this ensures that we have sufficient funds for significant repairs and replacement equipments necessary to support our QDM infrastructure, e.g., the domestic water, irrigation and swimming pool.

There is a link on this page to a list of all 2015 paid-up members. If you are not represented here, and you wish to continue as a member and remain informed of all developments at QDM through these Newsletters, Bulletins and minutes of meetings with GSA, please contact David Curtis ( as soon as possible.

QDM Swimming Pool

Since the beginning of November the pool heating has been switched off. The sun beds will be cleaned and stored for the winter, together with the parasols.

For the ladies and gents toilets, the hand driers have been replaced and new shower heads have been fitted.

QDM Infrastructure

Over the next few months, there will be a number of repairs and improvements to the QDM infrastructure, including the following :

1) completion of the repairs to Domestic Water Pump 3 with the installation of a complete new electronic module, with the resultant retention of a number of spare parts; noting that at this time we do not believe that it is necessary to purchase a complete spare pump

2) speed bumps – the painting of the first and last rows of the calçada stones white and the top row yellow, using a long-lasting, quick-drying and reflective paint

3) wooden railings / balustrade – the railings alongside the path to the pool will be re-painted and new railings installed each side of the steps down to the pool (before and after the gate)

4) swimming pool pagoda – the wooden structure and straw covering will be renewed in the spring

5) GSA has started the re-painting of all the lamp posts across the resort; this will also include those at QDM, and will include the metal support posts of the gates to the pool.

GSA Membership Cards

Membership cards are available to Owners (from Owner Services) who pay C&U to GSA, or receive a GSA service (e.g., garden maintenance) or are members of the Golf Club, noting that the 10% discounts are not available to Owners who have an outstanding debt with GSA.

Please feel free to use the Comment section below this Newsletter. We would welcome your feedback.

Best regards

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

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