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November 2016 Newsletter

Note from the Chairman, Executive Committee

Dear Owners,

Since our last Newsletter we have had a very busy, and sometimes quite hot, summer on the Western Algarve. It has been a busy summer for the whole of the Parque with increased rental and golf business, reflecting the increase this summer across the whole of the Algarve.

For this Newsletter, we have a number of updates and general information vis-à-vis QDM and GSA.

QDM Swimming Pool

Following a busy summer at the pool, we are now looking at a number of improvements for the pool area. A number of repairs have been carried out in the toilet facilities and GSA will replace the damaged lifebuoy as part of a Parque-wide replacement.

Generous donation – John and Jacqui Chisholm have bought a very nice wooden bookcase from the charity shop in Luz and this is in the kitchen area next to the refrigerator. We offered to pay John and Jacqui from the OA funds but they declined and suggested (and we have agreed) that the money be donated to the local dogs and donkey shelter at Guadalupe.

Over the winter months, we will replace the four blue covers on the sun beds with new yellow ones. We will also consider an additional one or two fixed sun parasols, along with the replacement of the pergola. With respect to the pergola we will be seeking a number of quotations for the work – we have received quotations from GSA which at the moment we consider excessive.

NOTE TO ALL OWNERS: Many (in fact most) pool users are failing to lock the gates when leaving the pool. This is undoing everything that has been achieved through past hard work to ensure non-authorised persons are denied access to the QDM pool. Please remember to keep the pool gates locked at all times – and remind your guests accordingly.

Access to the EN 125 from Budens

Many of you will have noticed the continuous double white lines on the EN 125 by Linen Etc. and Mira Rio, clearly meaning that you can only turn right out of the village at those junctions. Be aware – the GNR are periodically watching for errant drivers.

ATM Machine at GSA Reception

As was indicated earlier this summer, the ATM machine at GSA Reception has now been withdrawn. A number of new ATM machines have appeared this summer including a new one at the Budens Intermarche.

QDM Repairs and Infrastructure Update

QDM Road (Speed bumps) – individual elements of the speed bumps at the top of the hill continue to be deliberately removed and, as a result, we will look at a more permanent solution with GSA.

QDM Sewerage System – Following agreement with GSA, the QDM sewerage system is progressively being inspected by GSA Maintenance; this will be done on an annual basis as part of the standards and included in the C&U charges.

The good news for the sewerage system (we hope) has been the recent widespread publicity in the UK about wet wipes (and associated items). To quote Water UK, no matter what it says on the packaging, most of our personal healthcare and beauty products must never be disposed of down the toilet. This message should clearly be passed on to all of our tenants and guests.

Replacement of the concrete covers – in order to simplify the task of maintaining (and unblocking) the sewerage system we will be encouraging Owners to replace the existing covers with either cast iron or aluminium covers. Some Owners have already carried out replacement. We are currently seeking quotations for the information of Owners.

Community & Urbanisation (C&U) Payments

Reserve Fund & OA Subscriptions – The C&U payments (monthly or quarterly) pay for the maintenance of QDM’s communal areas (gardens, calçada and paths) and supporting infrastructure assets – relating to the pool (heating and circulation), domestic water (pumps) and irrigation; and also includes the supporting utilities (water and electricity).

The majority of our Owners continue to keep up to date with these payments. For the first 6 months of 2016, there is an approximate 11% non-payment of C&U to GSA.

Non-payers – Court actions are continuing (slowly) with non-payers across the Parque, and GSA has had a number of recent successes.

Receipts for the Reserve Fund and OA Subscriptions for 2016 – these will be issued by our Accountant following supply of the e-mail, address and fiscal information. If you have not already passed your fiscal and address information to the Treasurer, David Curtis ( please forward as soon as possible so that complete information can be provided to our Accountant.

GSA Updates

GSA Staff – employees of GSA continue to be paid up-to-date. The good summer for GSA is reflected in a 5% increase in operating income this year.

Sale of GSA – this continues to await the completion of the legalities with respect to the golf course – this concerns the notarisation of pieces of land and the formal registration process.

Sale of Lematur-owned Properties – the Administrator now has the approval from the Creditors to proceed with the sale of Lematur-owned properties (at The View and quarter share of QDM 11) and that these will be advertised nationally and locally. Lematur was one of the construction companies that went into liquidation.


In general, we continue to be satisfied with the way in which GSA maintain our communal areas and supporting infrastructure; and we will continue to monitor this closely through the quarterly Standards Surveys.

Please feel free to use the Comment section below this Newsletter. We would welcome your comments.

Best regards

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

November 2016

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