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Summer Newsletter – May 2018

Note from the Chairman, Executive Committee

Dear Owners,

This Newsletter provides a number of updates and reminders as we approach the summer season at QDM. Once again, we are expecting it to be a busy time, not only at QDM and the rest of the Parque but also across the Algarve.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You will have already received email messages relating to the holding of your personal data by the OA. Most of you have already responded, thank you. Those that haven’t will have received a reminder (If you have not received anything at all this may be because the email has been treated as SPAM by the email host or application. Under these circumstances please contact me or Martyn Uttley). These regulations govern the way we hold and treat the contact list we maintain for Newsletters, Bulletins and other updates. We now need your specific consent to keep you on this mailing list.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2018 AGM will be held next month (on or around 21st June). The Agenda and supporting documents (for example, proxies) will be sent out to you shortly. This year we will have the regular finance and infrastructure updates, together with Data Protection which has been highlighted to you very recently in Bulletin 2/2018.

We will also be discussing the importance of the Reserve Fund, and possible alternative ways of collecting it. Once again, if you cannot attend the AGM, we ask that you appoint a Proxy (Forms will be sent out with the Agenda soon).

Community & Urbanisation (C&U) Payments,
Reserve Fund & OA Subscriptions

The C&U payments (monthly or quarterly) to GSA address the maintenance of QDM’s domestic water, pool and irrigation infrastructure, together with the communal gardens and calçada, and the supporting utilities (water and electricity).

This year (as announced in Bulletin 1/2018) we have agreed a small increase in the C&U payments to cover inflation. As in previous years we will closely monitor GSA’s maintenance of our site and the actual costs.

We continue to have a good record of C&U payments with GSA (approx. 90%) – it is important to maintain this in order that GSA staff continue to be paid up-to-date and that QDM continues to be well maintained by GSA.

Non-payers – the Portuguese Court processes continue slowly across the whole of the Parque. GSA continue to have successes with a number of properties being repossessed and with assets being frozen.

The Reserve Fund and OA Subscriptions have remained the same for 2018, continuing to be important for QDM’s replacement of infrastructure items and ensuring that we are able to cover any legal- and accountant-related costs.

Fiscal Data – this data is being held by the OA in order that accountancy functions can be carried out. It is important that Owners keep us up-to-date and provide the necessary information to our Treasurer, David Curtis. ( The data provided will be protected in accordance with the new “General Data Protection Regulation” and the OA’s supporting Privacy Policy. These were addressed recently in Bulletin 2/2018.

Road and Calçada Safety – the Speed Bumps are there for a Reason – once again, we need you to please make certain that you and your tenants and guests abide by the warning signs that are placed at the start of each of the calçada. On the road, new signs have been established at the top and bottom of the QDM hill vis-à-vis the speed limit and speed bumps.

We are approaching the summer season with young children running up and down the steps to the pool and by the road and, despite these reminders, we still have individuals and service companies ignoring the signs.

QDM Swimming Pool

The pool heating has been switched on, and the sunbeds and parasols are in place. But, once again, we need you to please remind your tenants and guests that there are pool rules, and that No Glasses or Glass Bottles are permitted in the pool area.

The Pool Notices continue to identify the non-authorised houses and the need to keep the gates closed and locked.

QDM Sewerage System – “BIN it NOT BLOCK it”

Every summer, the QDM sewerage system seems to be a target for inappropriate items that owners, tenants and guests seem to think it likes to eat. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness, and campaigns, in many nations and clear evidence that wipes, etc. are NOT for sewerage systems.

As we stated last year, if it can be specifically determined that a house is responsible for a blockage and incurs additional cost (for example, calling out Dr. Drain or Drain Doctor), that cost will be on the house and not out of the C&U budget.

So please – BIN it NOT BLOCK it

GSA Updates

Sale of GSA – the sale of GSA awaits a number of legalities to be completed before the next advertisement is placed in the national and international press. The Judicial Administrator continues to insist that the terms of the sale includes the retention of the staff and the current functions.

C&U Payments & Credit Control – the main point of contact in GSA continues to be Jorge Ricardo at

Summary – in general, we continue to be satisfied with the way in which GSA maintain our communal areas and supporting infrastructure. We will continue to look to make improvements, and we will continue to monitor service levels through our quarterly Standards Surveys and regular meetings with GSA Management.

Please feel free to use the Comment section below this Newsletter. We would welcome your comments.

Finally, on behalf of the Committee, let me wish you all a good summer and enjoy your holidays.

Best regards

David Murphy
Chairman, Executive Committee

May 2018

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